Location based service policies for Locbee applications

KEMPP application collects location data to provide automated visitor guide functions with safety warnings services event the app is closed.

Our purpose is to help visitors, employees to enhance their visit at our customer locations in a safe environment and give tools to operators to maintain and improve overall health and safety measure and procedures.

Important: The most common rule is we never ask/store personal data and therefore we are unable to connect any device (app) position to any individuals.

Every application using our Locbee™ localization technology locked to a pre-agreed customer related area strictly. Outside of that location (indoor or outdoor) most of the services are useless or not working as no data is collected or stored etc.

We are committed to keep and maintain personal data privacy on the highest level. We strictly follow every GDPR rules, and we are always in line with our main partners regulations like Google.

Customer’s own privacy and personal data handling policies are always included in our application within the menu “usefull info’s” before they go live.


We ask for permission for the location usage for the following reasons

Nowadays many regulations are in place to count visitor numbers (indoor-outdoor) and to direct the traffic accordingly. Our app is not just giving amazing information to the visitors but help the operators to provide a better and safer services for their most welcome guests and highly appreciated employees.



Services for Visitors

Visitors of our customers use this application to have detailed information and get safety warnings on any location they are.

It could be a national park, a factory, a hospital, or an indoor museum etc. where prompt and accurate info is needed based on location.


Location based services could be:

- visitor guide information

- map-based navigation (indoor as well)

- emergency warnings

- important messages (example in case users are entering into a crowded area.)


GPS based location info outside localization

During app usage outdoor navigation and visitor guide functions are automated based on GPS info.

Our app connects the real world with digital and dramatically improve visitor overall satisfaction level. Location based multimedia information, games and warnings could help to know any place better and feel safe.


Bluetooth (BLE) usage for indoor localization

Indoor localization is based on Bluetooth technology. To provide almost the same level of services like outdoor (GPS), Bluetooth is necessary as BLE technology would be used for anonymous position tracking indoor. Indoor localization based services are our main advanteges on the market.


Background location is used only on the site in the following cases

(For visitors it is optional as they can deny location-based data usage during the first start of the application or anytime in their mobile phone settings.)


  • Healthy protocol

Due to the current health crisis and related regulations to keep and maintain a safe environment it very important for both the Visitor and the Operators. To understand how many people are on the site/building/room and to have the option to warn visitors and the workers in case they are entering into a too busy area that is not safe is very important nowadays.

With background localization enabled devices we could gave the operators more accurate information, a better estimation and most importantly they have the option -via our reporting tool- to check live data and act based on the regulations real-time.

To have as much data as we could collect is the main purpose of this service usage. Data is anonymous (we never ask any personal data) and only used to count visitors based on the areas/location they are in.


2) Emergency protocol – to manage emergency situations

For emergency warnings background location usage is also necessary.

If the visitors are not actively using the application but they are on the customer location covered by the app (typically an outdoor park, building, factory etc) could be also warned in case of any emergency like bear or any other wild animal appearance on the site or any industrial malfunction, fire, disaster is happening. With the information of device location with app installed and locations access allowed (even if the mobile is dropped) we could direct the rescue team to look around. It could save lives.

We are not keep/collect or maintain location data outside of the customer area, we are using this service to maintain safe and healthy environment what is the responsibility of our customers. Our application is help them to follow the rules and regulations easier.



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